#2018bestnine: Images you loved most on Instagram

woman with small dog

Yeah, I’m late getting around to this.

But you all know how hectic the Christmas season is … meet someone here, wrap this up there, make sure Bella’s stocking is overflowing with treats …

Oy! When does a girl get to sit with a cup of eggnog? Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot to this year.

In any case, I ran the Noses & Toes Pet Photography Instagram account through the old Best Nine woodchipper and here’s what it came up with.

Now because I’m a storyteller by birth … no, really, ask my mom. I come from a long line of an Irish-Scottish blend and that means I can, like my dad, weave a yarn like there’s no tomorrow.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and let’s stroll down a 2018 memory lane.

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collage of nine dog photos

My top nine images on Instagram in 2018

No. 1: Our annual trip to Oregon

man with big white dog on oregon beach

Bella and My American at Rockaway Beach


Goal for this year: fewer pictures of Bella, more pictures of your dogs!

OK, I’m not really sold on that one either. Bella is just too beautiful to not drop a picture of her at least once a week. She’s just the prettiest darn model a professional dog photographer could ask for.

This image was taken on our annual fall trip to Rockaway Beach in Oregon. We spend the weekend relaxing on the beach, drinking craft beer and eating good food.

My husband, however, is a reluctant model and, if he knew how often I posted his picture, I might get into a shade of trouble.

Don’t anyone tell him!

No. 2: Bella at Plantes Ferry

maremma sheepdog at spokane river

Bella at Plantes Ferry


This is one of my favorites of Bella for 2018.

Shortly before Christmas, we went for a nice, long walk on Centennial Trail, starting at the Islands Trailhead near Plantes Ferry. I love this spot as a session location!

We made our way down the river, past Coyote Rocks and found this little spot to get her higher than me and with the sun blasting some awesome backlight.

She just looks so darn happy, right?

No. 3: Bella at Dishman Hills

maremma sheepdog with tongue out

Bella at Dishman Hills


We’ll get to a non-Bella image soon, I promise!

This is my favorite image from a little hike we did at Dishman Hills. We have quite the story from a couple of different recent visits we made there, scouting it as a potential #bellaapproved location for your pet photography session.

It’s a blog post I have to get to you soon.

It also gives me an idea to start a series called #dogsonrocks. I seem to get a lot of those.

No. 4: Jacquelin and Lincoln

woman and german shepherd

Jacquelin and Lincoln at Plantes Ferry


Welcome to the family, Lincoln!

It’s all a winding path of serendipity that brought this gorgeous German shepherd to my lens.

Step 1: Connect with the amazing Caitlin from Path of Hope Rescue.

Step 2: Hang out at her home and meet a litter of puppies.

Step 3: Months later, join 9Round in Spokane Valley to kick my personal strength back into gear.

Step 4: Meet Jacquelin the trainer and tell her what I do.

Step 5: Book a session with Jacquelin and Lincoln.

Step 6: Find out Lincoln is Sprout from the litter in Step 2.

It was all meant to happen!

I brought Jacquelin and Lincoln to the aforementioned Islands Trailhead in October when the autumn leaves were bursting with yellow.

I love this image but my favorite is yet to be seen. Stay tuned for a blog post with their full gallery!

No. 5: Daun, Aurora and Dixie

mom, toddler and border collie puppy

Daun, Dixie and Aurora at Post Falls Park


Oh, these three. What fun we had together.

I first met Daun and Aurora for a model shoot at Saltese Uplands Conservation area near Liberty Lake.

Next step was booking a session with them and their puppy, Dixie, at Falls Park in Post Falls, Idaho.

See their galleries here!

No. 6: Bella at Tubbs Hill

maremma sheepdog on a rock at tubbs hill

Bella at Tubbs Hill


Hey, look … #dogsonrocks.

This image comes from a hike on Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene, the spot where Shep, My American and I went on our first family hike back in 2011.

It’s also where My American proposed to us. (Uuuugh, I have to fix my other website. Noted!)

We go back there often, including a memorial hike for Shep on the first anniversary of his leaving this world.

It’s a favorite spot and it’s due for a #bellaapproved blog post.

The morning sun was breaking through the trees and Bella popped into this perfect pose. Tongue flying and everything.

No. 7: All the pibbles, please

pitbull puppy

Copper the Pibble


Who doesn’t love puppies?

Oh my goodness, I’m pretty sure there’s magic in puppy breath.

Last February, when I was just getting launched, the Furry Farm Rescue in Rathrum, Idaho, called to have me help with them with beautiful images of a litter that was soon going up for adoption.

I got a blog post up quickly but didn’t post any of the images to Instagram. What? Slacker! I know (shame).

I used a few of the images from the shoot for a small Instagram slideshow to help celebrate National Pitbull Day in October.

No. 8: Camping at Chatcolet

husband and bella on Trail of Coeur d'Alenes bridge at Chatcolet Lake

My husband and Bella on the bridge at Chatcolet Lake


Another of our annual trips!

Every spring, we pack up the trip and head for the southern trip of Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. The Chatcolet campground at Heyburn State Park is one of our favorite camping trips.

We’re surrounded by sky-high pines and have quick access to the lake.

I convinced hubby to sit with Bella to get those fantastic leading lines with the bridge, but keeping my two cuties as the focal point.

Again … don’t tell him!

No. 9: Britney and Ryder

woman with small dog at mirabeau park

Britney and Ryder at Mirabeau Park


Ryder is one of the bossiest little buddies I’ve ever met.

We had such a great time at Mirabeau Point Park in Spokane Valley, one of  my other favorite locations to have a dog photography session.

Britney and Ryder jumped at the chance to be part of my #agirlandherdog series and I can’t wait to show the little photo book I made to commemorate it.

That’s coming, too. I swear … I have so much blogging to do now.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already followed me on Instagram or Facebook, go do that.

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