Pets are soft, cuddly and dependent on us for many of life’s necessities. They sit at our feet or snuggle up by our side and only ask for our attention.

They love us unconditionally.

They are our faithful friends, constant companions.

They wait for us at the door. They wag their tails when they see us grab the leash or the squeaky toy.

They have their own special personalities and unique characteristics.

We can’t help but look at them and feel our hearts explode with love.

From bouncy puppies to our sweet senior souls, Noses & Toes Pet Photography celebrates this connection. I specialize in making your pet the focus of your family portraits.

Let’s create beautiful wall art and lifelong memories of the bond you’ve discovered with your fur kids.

german shepherd and woman in fall leaves at plantes ferry in spokane valley

Ready to get started?

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Bella is the beautiful one. I hold the Nikon.

Bella is my co-pilot in life and, ever present, she inspires me to take pictures of our adventures together. We hike, explore and take dusty road trips. Occasionally, our other partner in life, my camera-shy husband, joins us.

Ah … but the story is deeper than that. Keep reading to learn more about my journey to taking dog photos in Spokane and the love of my life, Shep.

photographer with maremma sheepdog in spokane valley, wa

What I do

That special relationship you have with your four-legged baby? Finding that is what makes me smile at the end of the day. When you look at a picture and think, “that’s my Chief,” I have done my job. (Pssssst … Chief was the name of my brother’s first dog.)

Where I live

Bella and I (and our man human) are nestled in the eastern corner of Washington State. Centered in Spokane Valley, we serve Spokane County and North Idaho. No distance is too great to help you honor your special relationship with your pet.

My roots


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~ Anatole France
My name is Angela. I grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada, with a dream of becoming an NHL writer. I know. How Canadian, right?

I did become a sports reporter, working in Gander, Newfoundland; Kamloops, B.C.; and Calgary, Alberta. I told the stories of young athletes — their triumphs and defeats, their growth. I wrote and wielded a Nikon FM to take their pictures.

But before that, I had a camera in my hands by the time I was 13. And my first model? My family’s rough collie, Princess.

She knew exactly how to pose and just be beautiful.

Maremma sheepdog with Spokane photographer

Then I met him

When I moved to Calgary, I didn’t need my camera anymore. I worked with a staff of incredibly talented photojournalists and my gear was too basic and outdated.

I got rid of it all.

Two years later, this magnificent beast entered my life. Shep, the Maremma sheepdog, turned a high-heel wearing, Mustang-driving city girl into an SUV-owning mountain-hiking gal.

And he put a camera back in my hand.

Because you can’t go to the majestic Rocky Mountains with a boy this good looking and not take pictures.

Today, I only have his collar, my memories of him and a precious collection of pictures from our time together.

Those memories, those images and every adventure I take with Bella are my inspiration when I plan and conduct every portrait session I have with you and your dog.

My mission is to make sure dog lovers like you and me have beautiful art to honor the bond we share with our special family members.