Bella + peanut butter = disaster

Sometimes I curse the name of the woman who runs our pet photographers’ blog circle.

Oh don’t worry, I’m not too mean about it.

After all, it’s me. I’m the one who comes up with all the crazy ideas for our weekly blog posts.

When I picked peanut butter for this week, I had a vision in my mind. First, November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month and who are the biggest peanut butter lovers in our lives? Of course, our dogs.

(Please don’t spam me with comments about xylitol. I know its dangers and it isn’t an ingredient in any of the major brands so I’m more than OK giving Bella as much peanut butter as she wants.)

And I’ve seen some amazing images done of dogs with peanut butter mouths. Greg Murray, who has even published a few photo books on the subject, is clearly the master of peanut butter dogs.

I suck at it.


It’s just one of those times where Bella isn’t the best professional dog model.

But she is ALL about the peanut butter.

A better idea

It also reminds me I’m better off sticking to adventure dog photography.

Bella and I took a break from editing a stack of fall Memories sessions and went for a walk along the Centennial Trail in Post Falls on Tuesday.

We’ve been working on a new command, hold your pose, and for this, she turns back into the magical, regal, poised Maremma sheepdog that makes me beam from the inside out.

Bella on the Centennial Trail at Post Falls, Idaho

I’m also trying a darker, cooler edit these days. It seems fitting for the way the weather turns here for the winter months.

All around the circle

Now let’s go see what the others in the blog circle did.

I’m betting they aced their peanut butter images.

Start with Pawparazzi Pet and Animal Photography presented by Shae Pepper Photography.

At the end of Shae’s post, click the next link and continue on through the circle. When you get back here to our adventure, you know you’re home.

Right where you belong.

1 thought on “Bella + peanut butter = disaster”

  1. That’s great to train a “hold your pose” cue and she’s clearly got it down! I too felt I had to mention the danger of xylitol, better to be safe than sorry! I think her images are adorable, well done (especially the one where she just stuck her head into the jar to make the whole process much more efficient!).

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