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Saltese Flats: A Spokane hike with just one lens

My pet photography business in Spokane is still in its infancy, but I’ve had a camera in my hand for decades. Where I am now has been an evolution of the way I see things and the jobs I’ve had. When I was young and had a point-and-shoot film camera,…

Spring colors start to pop for dog photos in Liberty Lake

Spring is a time for renewal, refreshment and rejuvenation. We throw open the windows and get outside in search of all the things that signal summer is on the way. Well, whoops. This little virus thingy is giving us a change of plans. (Please note: “Little virus thingy” is not…

Valentine’s Day: Are you in love with your dog?

“Do you get enough love?” I would stroke his nose and whisper those words into his ears as he lay beside me on the couch. He could never answer me, of course. Instead, he would lay his head in my lap and let me rest my hand on his fur.…

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