Dog business: Pretzel steals show during entrepreneur session

February 20, 2018
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We first met Brenda three years ago when we realized we needed some help getting Bella to sit, stay, heel, COME!

We signed up for training at the Petco in Sullivan Valley and, now in 2018, we’re all still friends.

What you notice first about Brenda is her radiant smile.

Next, you see how that smile is for you but you also notice how she gravitates to your dog.

That’s life in dog business.

Brenda sees how your dog is sitting, how he’s paying attention to his surroundings, how he’s reacting.

More than anything, Brenda cares about each and every dog that comes into her life and whether we humans are trained well enough to care for them.

That’s right.

Training isn’t about teaching a dog how to sit. It’s about teaching us humans how to communicate with our dogs.

Brenda knows.

Brenda and Pretzel the perfect pair

Pretzel is Brenda’s joy.

She’s a bouncy, alert, vivacious dog.

And she had me in stitches.

She was certainly the star during Brenda’s dog business session. Brenda came to me for help when she needed some great photos of her and her dog to promote her training classes at Petco.

Check out their gallery.

Promote your dog business with great photos

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