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Meet Jack and Scout

These are two of the most cuddalicious dogs I’ve ever met! Jack and Scout own a human named Christine in Boise, Idaho. Chris’s house is decorated with testaments to her passion for dogs#&emdash;like stenciled signs that let a guest know This. Is. A. Dog. Home. Jack wasted no time finding…

Meet Maverick the Corgi

Adorable isn’t just a word. It’s a dog. This dog. Maverick the Corgi, the newest addition to Terry’s life in North Idaho. See? He even has the head tilt perfected! Maverick, with Terry since he turned eight weeks old, just celebrated his first birthday on April 25. We took him…

My bestest model

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. Look how beautiful Bella is! Bella is my Maremma sheepdog, who just turned four on March 24. Now that the weather is getting better and we can go for long walks at the park, she’s an easy practice model in between Noses &…

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