What’s a pet photography session all about? I’ve put together a list of questions I think you might have about using Noses & Toes Pet Photography to create memories of you and your pet.

blue heeler cross on a log in the woods


OK, so what is a pet photography session all about?
Omigosh, fun! Let’s be honest, our furry friends are often the ones who are so goofy and hilarious that they can’t help but bring us joy. Even when they’ve chewed up the end of the sofa, we can’t stay mad at them for very long. We’re going to meet at your favorite location (I have a list of my favorites in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas to share with you) and we’ll get your best bud running, jumping, playing and chowing down on treats. You’ll help keep him or her corralled while I snap shots of everything — the fun, the action, the silly, the breathers and the moments that show me how you feel about your pet.
Um, I don’t have a dog.
Hey, cool. Cats have their own way of showing us their personality, and horses are a whole other ball game. We can still have fun, meeting at your place or farm and figuring out a way to tell the story of your connection with your pet.
What if my dog isn’t trained to come when called?
I feel your pain. If there’s a more stubborn dog than Bella, I have yet to meet her! In 99 percent of the dog pictures on this website, the dog is wearing a leash and collar. That’s the magic of Photoshop! Because your dog’s safety is one of my top concerns. You’re my No. 1 assistant during a pet photography session, holding onto the leash, delivering yummy treats and prompting Scruffy when I need you to.
I need an emergency session because I just learned my pet is ill. What can you do?
I understand. I’ve been there and I know the pain that’s in your heart right now. I will move mountains to clear a space in my schedule and ensure we meet for a photography session. We will aim for a session that keeps your pet comfortable and honors the life he or she has shared with you.
When’s the best time to have a pet photography session?
Did you know I’m originally from Canada? I’m fearless about weather and I have a particular passion for pups playing in the snow. Spring, summer, fall or winter … I’m game to be outside in the great outdoors if you are. I might, however, draw the line if it’s too cold. Even a Canadian has her limits!
Do I have to be in the photos?
Have you heard of “find your why?” My why is to ensure you have beautiful images that honor your connection with your pet. However, I don’t want you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. We can have a session just for Daisy, and I’ll let you be the judge on how many images you want to be in.


What happens after my session?
After your session, I edit the several hundred frames down to a gallery of at least 25, carefully selecting the best, most adorable and heartwarming. We schedule a followup, or “reveal,” session where we go over the gallery. We might smile a lot, we might laugh, we might cry. You select your favorites and I present the opportunity to order beautiful wall art or other products to keep with you. Complimentary digital files will be provided for each print ordered.
What if I just want digital copies?
Hey, I get it. I love sharing pictures of Bella on my Facebook page. I believe in taking the art I create for you and turning it into beautiful canvas or metal prints that will decorate the walls of your home or office. Imagine having a big picture of Bear smiling at you from the wall every day! I believe in it so much that I have pictures of Bella and Shep all over my home. All that said, I do have options for purchasing digital copies of your images should you want to take the time to design your own home experience. Your $199 reservation fee turns into either full credit toward your wall art purchases OR three digital files printable up to 11x14. If you'd like a combination of print credits and digitals, or if you'd like more than three digitals, we can certainly work something out.