Finally! Spokane skies turn blue

bella on dirt road in eastern washington

I’ve always been drawn to the color blue.

When favorite color was revealed as the topic for this week’s blog circle of pet photographers around the world, I crossed my fingers and did a little dance around the living room, hoping Spokane skies would clear away.

I knew the exact image I wanted to create, but there were still obstacles in place.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order to limit the spread of coronavirus has been weighing heavily on my soul. I want to do the right thing, many of us do, but this is the time of year I pack up Eddie the Edge, grab Bella and my camera bag, and explore the Palouse and scablands of Eastern Washington. Most photographers prefer to do that when the rolling hills are lush with grass and green. I prefer the browns, a more rugged way of looking at the beautiful landscapes we enjoy.

Still, my favorite color is blue.

The waves of the ocean.

The mountains in the distance.

The clear sky.


pond under blue spokane skies in eastern washington

A pond

The psychology of blue

Blue, as it turns out, is the most universally favored color. A worldwide study, conducted by YouGov, surveyed people in 10 countries across four continents. Blue was the most popular color in all of the countries.

So that doesn’t exactly make me feel unique.

Blue, according to Jacob, a “world-renowned color expert,” is the color of trust and loyalty. It has, he writes on his website,, a “calming and relaxing effect on our psyche,” giving us peace and making us feel confident and secure.

It has a tranquil presence and maybe that’s why I feel so much more at peace when the sky is clear and blue, or when I’m sitting on a beach watching the waves of blue roll toward me.

It is my stress relief.

An uncommon stress

We are in unprecedented times. As we self-isolate and avoid nonessential trips out of the house, the weight of the world can hang heavy on us. I can be a bit of a caged animal when I’m told I can’t go … anywhere.

I need to get out of the house and breathe in the greater world.


Do things. See things.


But my rational brain is conflicting that need with the desire to do the right thing. What if … what if … something happened, I got in an accident while out and about, and ended up in the hospital? What if I added to the problem of an overtaxed hospital system and recklessly exposed myself to an environment where the virus is rampant?

I wrestled with it all and knowing the  image I wanted to create, busted out the front door with Bella and found a favorite place.

A spot at which we stop at least once every year, just trying to get the right image.

This barn. I almost hate it because I’ve yet to truly nail a great image of it.

old barn in eastern washington

As I’m trying to line up a different look, Bella pops into the frame.

old barn in eastern washington

And then realizes what I’m doing and tries to steal the show.

bella and a barn in eastern washington

The blue of Spokane skies

I imagine most photographers are thinking of some way to present their idea of “social distancing.”

I knew the second favorite color was announced as the blog topic for this week what I wanted to do. And that’s why I danced for clear blue Spokane skies.

The open fields just south of Spokane were perfect on a beautiful clear day.

Not a cloud in the sky.

social distancing on the palouse

Social distancing

All around the circle

It was good to get out.

Even if it was for only an hour and a bit.

Bella and I maxxed out that time as much as we could. We’re looking forward to the time when the self-isolation rules are lifted and we can go about our days as we normally do.

To a time I can start booking pet portrait sessions again, meeting with friends, and pursusing stories in the Spokane dog lovers’ world.

Although I suspect we are permanently changed in many ways. Tell me in the comments how you’re dealing with this brave new world.

But first, go on a worldwide tour of pet photographers. Start with Kelly Middlebrooks of Little White Dog Pet Photography in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Click the link at the bottom of her post to get to the next photographer, and so on until you find yourself back here.


Right where you belong.

26 thoughts on “Finally! Spokane skies turn blue”

  1. Blue is my second favorite color, and I love these photos! I’ve been under the weather the last few weeks, so I haven’t really felt like doing much. I do try and go outside for about half an hour when the weather permits. We are hoping for a gorgeous spring but had more snow last night. Fortunately, it melted this morning.

    1. I hope you’re feeling better! I think we’re done with the snow now, thank goodness. It’s time to get gardening!

    1. Thank you! I know a place where I can do this again and I just can’t wait to get there. The state has to let us back into the parks, though.

  2. Bella stole the show (in your barn photo – IMO)!
    I was interested to learn the colour blue is the most favoured colour. It used to be mine when I was younger and still is, albeit now, my blue is more of a teal or turquoise. Great shots. I especially like the photo of you and Bella. I hope your skies stay blue (grey skies in Ontario).

    1. You guys in Ontario will likely make a quick jump from grey skies to hot and humid. You’ll forget about winter in no time! 😉

  3. My favorite color is blue too! You’ve captured some beautiful views here- I love Washington and hope to travel there soon (once the pandemic has ended of course)! Bella is adorable as well.

  4. Living in an apartment is really hard during these times and the weather is cold and overcast does not make it easier so the minute I see the sun I sneak a half hour in the dog park away from everyone and it is soo good. Be safe

  5. My favorite color is Blue too…..this pandemic is making everything colorful in the end, huh? Nice and clear…. the world is healing itself while the people in the world heal their health pandemic! WOW…..I never knew blue was the most popular color. And I thought it was Red! Trust and loyalty are very important to me, and I think most dog-loving people, no wonder we gravitate towards it! Nice looking barn, keep at it, you’ll nail your perfect image yet of it! Maybe Place a flag on it temporarily if you can or some splash of color against it and shoot it straight on with the color over the entrance…..I can see the flag hanging instead of a door or acting as a door…..I think the splash of color may add the element you can turn into the photo you’re looking for?!?!? (Flag or splash of color…..your viewer will be looking at that color but also look around ending up at your splash of color…..Or maybe a small wreathe or flowery pattern making the eye go to several colorful spots!?!?!? Just ideas I want to see you get the image you want from the “loved” barn!!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature is fixing everything while we’re stuck at home? She’s an amazing being.

  6. Getting out is always wonderful for the soul and for the body. Being outside is so beneficial to both dogs and their humans. I love sunny skies but my favorite color is actually green.

    1. Yes! And Bella tipped the scales a little too hard at her spring checkup so we are going to get out much more often, quarantine or not.

  7. Thos blue skies! Just awesome. That social distancing picture – says it all. You are lucky to be living so close to the Palouse region

    1. I am! I’ve been fortunate to live in a lot of beautiful places. I wish I could visit Newfoundland, now that I know what I missed when I was there.

  8. Kelly Middlebrooks

    I am so happy that the skies played nice for you this week!!! We all need some color and something different than our new normal. We had snow yesterday but it’s no longer sticking so maybe we’ll get some leaves on the trees soon. I saw the same study that you did and found it interesting. I love studies like that. Wishing more blue skies for you!!!!

    1. We have one more bad weekend tomorrow and Sunday but then it’s looking like spring weather. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something breaks for us all soon!

  9. I think I too would embrace the other-worldly ruggedness of the off-season. It looks like what I imagine the terrain of another planet might look like. So glad you could get out and enjoy some blue skies. We’ve had unprecedented rain here in Dallas – like literally – the wettest spring on record, so between that and the isolation, things are pretty grim around here most days!

    1. I hope the skies clear up for you soon! I’m antsy to get my vegetable gardens planted, too. My dining room looks like a greenhouse right now. 😀

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