Memory Wall

This page is dedicated to Shep, my first born, my soulmate, my heart dog, and to all our beloved friends who have moved on from this world.

Shep came to me in 2004 as a private rescue. He changed my life, taking me out of high heels and putting into hiking boots. He is the reason a camera is back in my hands after a prolonged break.

My best memories of him are recorded in digital format and the walls of our home in Spokane Valley are dressed with amazing moments I shared with him. They are a constant reminder of why I’ve chosen dog photography as a path on my journey.

I’ve also had the privilege to meet many a wonderful beast through family and friends. It is my honor to ensure they have beautiful photos to remember their four-legged besties.

They never leave us. They just run ahead and wait for us.

Memory Wall 1

  • Heidi

    d. 2017
    Humans: Phil, Andrea, Liam and Kate

    Memory Wall 2
  • Tundra

    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Human: Dana

    bernese mountain dog with snow on face
  • Shep

    Maremma Sheepdog
    Human: Angela

    maremma sheepdog at mountain range
  • Tundra

    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Human: Dana

    woman with bernese mountain dog