P52: A quest for beautiful dog pictures 1

P52: A quest around Eastern WA and North Idaho for great dog pictures

We are road warriors.

There’s no greater day in my world than one on which Bella and I pack up Eddie the Edge and head for destination unknown.

Bouncing Eastern Washington and North Idaho, we’re constantly on the lookout for great locations for your pet portrait sessions.

More than anything, though, we have the wanderlust, finding freedom and space to breathe on the open road.

I can trace my nomadic roots back to my childhood in smalltown Nova Scotia, when I would dream of the day I grew up and could spread my wings.

Despite moves around Canada for work in newspapers, my exploring didn’t really take flight until I was introduced to ghost towning.

Shep and I bounced around the back roads of Central Alberta, in search of abandoned houses, schools and churches.

And with every rock chip on the great Escape, I bonded with my dog, my camera and the world.

woman and dog in car

The road warriors at work

maremma sheepdog at harrington

“Near” Harrington
One of the few locations I’ll keep secret

Bella took some time to get used road trippin’.

When she was a puppy, she threw up every time she got into the truck. I was worried she’d never come around.

She’s become a great co-pilot in the last few years and we have a lot of fun exploring the Palouse and all around Eastern Washington.

Lately, we’ve been on the lookout for great locations for dog photography sessions in Spokane and North Idaho.

illustration of a sleeping dog“We” came up with the idea of #bellaapproved and I’ve already written about a few locations where I’d love to take you and your dog for your portrait session.

That’s where Project 52 comes in this week. The theme for our blog circle is Road Warriors and it fit the two of us like a T.

A perfect, well-worn T-shirt. The one that’s stained with coffee, pulled in all sorts of directions, saggy, baggy and near ready for the garbage can but you just can’t let it go.

That’s us. Road warriors.

And so it was that the snow let up at bit on Wednesday, the mercury rose above freezing and I yelled “LET’S GO” at Bella.

Bearing in mind what the roads might be like, I tempered my wanderlust to something reasonable (knowing Our American would be stressed out by an adventure in February).

We blasted down the I-90 and landed at Fernan Lake, where I have a dog photography session scheduled for next week.

But it must be #bellaapproved before that can happen!

We found lots of terrific spots and now I’m super excited for this session (not that I don’t get excited for every session).

Check it out!

Congratulations, Fernan Lake, on being #bellaapproved!

All around the circle

Now hit the road for a trip on our blog circle. Pet photographers around the world are blogging about Road Warriors this week.

I’ll get you started with Susannah Maynard and Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide.

Let’s see what she wrote about.

Click the link at the bottom of each photographer’s post and take yourself around the circle.

When you get back here, you’re home!

Have fun.

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