dog bracelet

I wanna hold your hand

I’ve become obsessed with dog jewelry.

No, not jewelry for my dog. Jewelry for me but jewelry that’s about dogs.

I was wandering through the Chicago airport on my way home from a business trip when I stumbled into Hoypoloi, a kitschy gallery shop with lots of weird Star Wars stuff.

All of a sudden, I was drawn to small shelf in a random corner. I spied a rack covered with bracelets, a simple leather band adorned by what seemed to be a paw.

A placard explained the story:

A Canadian (like me!), jewelry designer Deborah Groenheyde, fell so in love with her rescue dogs Moka and Java that she was inspired to create the Hand and Paw bracelet.

The stunning piece, the Hand and Paw website says, acknowledges the relationship that humans have with our animals.

A portion from every sale is donated to shelters and rescues around the world, and many products are donated to assist these organizations through their auctions.

Straight to my heart

The story spoke to me, reminding me of the time I tried to take a sweet picture of Shep’s paw in my hand.

It didn’t work out so well when I look back on it.

hand and paw

But Deborah’s story was a reminder of my purpose behind Noses and Toes:

To celebrate the unconditional love we gain by opening our hearts to an animal.