How to display your dog photos in minimal space

People are living differently than they used to.

We’ve been Marie Kondo’d and Tiny House Nationed to the nth degree and rather than large obnoxious portraits of yourselves on the wall, many of you want smaller ways to display your dog photos.

Oh, don’t worry. I love large obnoxious portraits. I have a 40×30 metal print of Bella in Banff over the TV in my living room and a 30×20 canvas of her in Oregon.

People visit my home and gasp when they walk in.

I am, however, very cognizant that you want other options to display your dog photos.

Tiny spaces

The day I opened the box to a new piece in my product line, my husband took it away from me and put it in his office.

I love it, too. And he will be green with envy when I add another one to our collection with 10 new prints of Bella.

I call it The Big Bark.

stand of 8x10 prints to display your dog photos
The Big Bark

It’s a nicely grained block of wood with a slot large enough to hold 10 prints mounted on styrene. The prints from my color lab are gorgeous and it’s easy to swap them out for a different look whenever you want.

8x10 prints of dog photos in Spokane

It’s easily my favorite among my mementoes collection and it’s proven popular with clients, too. Every client but one this year has snatched one of these babies to display the art from their galleries.

Display your dog photos on a shelf

The Big Bark fits nicely on any shelf or ledge, and I have a few other pieces that fit in those spaces, too.

The Keepsake Box is another great option. It’s a beautiful wood box with a lift cover and it comes with 4×6 prints from your gallery.

It has also proven very popular since I introduced it two years ago.

keepsake boxes of dog photos

And, of course, I have my own versions of the product, one for Bella and one for Shep.

Which brings me back to why it’s so important to get a portrait session with your dog and make sure you get art and keepsakes to display your dog photos.

But for a couple of 8x10s I have scattered around the house, I haven’t done anything with the hundreds of Shep’s pictures. Shep, you may remember if you visit here often, was my heart dog and he is the inspiration behind my journey into dog photography in Spokane.

He’s been gone for six years, and I haven’t done much with his images. On one hand, I am 1,000 times the dog photographer I was then and I may be a teeny bit embarrassed by the images I have of him — that’s my overly critical brain at work.

And on the other hand, it’s been difficult over these last several years to sometimes look at his pictures, let alone think about printing them out. Things have shifted since Bella and I went to Banff for our memorial hike and as our connection has deepened, I’ve been able to feel more at peace with losing Shep.

Thus, I finally sucked it up and got his Keepsake Box done. I picked a super happy memory for the cover photo — a crisp but gorgeous autumn day at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park in Alberta.

Now I have to go through eight years of photos to find prints to fill that box up!

I will cry but I will do it with a smile on my face.

The same kind of smile I want you to have when you display your dog photos, placing a gorgeous Big Bark on a shelf in an important place in your home.

All around the circle

We are featuring this week on the worldwide pet photographers blog circle our favorite products to display your dog photos.

I can’t wait to see what my friends in the circle have to display their clients’ images. I just hope they’re better at product photography than I am!

Start with Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people.

At the end of Jessica’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

When you find yourself back here, you know you’re home.

Right where you belong.

And when you’re ready to book a session to get awesome images to display your dog photos, give this button a little clicky-clicky:

12 thoughts on “How to display your dog photos in minimal space”

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  2. These are all beautiful ideas. Honestly, I haven’t done much with the pictures of our pets. I know that I should, especially as they are getting older. There will be a day that those photos are the memories that I will have left to reflect on. I think I just need to push myself to get moving and make it happen. I picked up an adorable banner to hang on my fireplace that holds 5 different photos in it with the intention of putting pet pictures there. Maybe this is the push that I needed to finally make that happen.

  3. My husband and I were just talking about how much we love printed photos. It is a treasure trove of memories when we go through an old box of photos. I need to get some keepsake boxes for the photos of our dogs (and probably some for our kids too.)

  4. Excellent reminder to print off our pet’s photos!! I love to add our dogs photos in interesting places around the house. They remind me of their cuteness and our visitors love finding them too!

  5. I always tell my readers to print off photos. Big or small print the damned things off. You don’t sit and look fondly at a flash drive you look at photos! They are part of your loving family’s pet heritage and need to be seen.

    My fave product is the small block print. Hang or stand anywhere and ADMIRE!!!!

  6. I live in a tiny tiny studio with not much place for photos so I have them in frames on my desk, dresser and wherever else I can put them. I have a keepsake box with all things that belonged to Baby but unfortunately in those days I did not have a camera so not many photos but now I have over done it with Layla I think out of guilt.

  7. I love those! My clients almost always add them to their order too. They’re so versatile and a great choice for lack of wall space and for those who want many images but not as a traditional album.

  8. Those are really cool products! I especially love the keepsake box. We don’t have a lot of shelf real estate at our place, since we currently rent and didn’t want to put a lot of holes in the walls by hanging shelves. But I’ve found other creative ways to display pictures of my pups, and even found a bit of space for pictures of my partner (lol), all hung in ways that won’t damage the walls when we’re finally able to buy our own place and move.

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