How to get attention for those wide-angle dog photos

bernese mountain dog in wheelchair at riverside park in coeur d'alene idaho


always. carry. treats.

That’s my motto, and it’s such an important part of my business that I had T-shirts made for it.

You see, without yummy, smelly treats, I wouldn’t be able to get the kind of attention I want for those fun wide-angle dog photos, like the one of sweet Maggie May above.

Look deeply into my lens

We talked last week about my approach to style with Noses & Toes Pet Photography, keying in on my wide-angle dog photos and the Spokane landscape.

The images really stand out, though, when the dog is peering deeply into my lens, even better if there’s a head tilt.

The trick is to hold a treat either right over or right under my lens all while making squirty, whiny noises or blowing on a duck call.

Oh yes, it can be quite the spectacle. I’m entirely positive that’s what my parents had in mind when they sent me to university in Nova Scotia, Canada.

wide angle of a puppy at Plantes Ferry
That smells good

Sevro was an amazingly curious pup, considering I had salmon treats from Vital Essentials.

The danger of wide-angle dog photos

Oh yes, this dog photography is a risky job.

When I have my 10-24mm Tamron on my Nikon D500 I have to be super close to my subject, practically nose to nos … er, lens. There’s a terrific chance of getting nose art all over my glass and so I must be well equipped with wipes in another pocket.

There’s also some thieving that can go on.

The big kids, like Wrangler the Great Pyrenees, come to waist height and can be quite sneaky about getting their nose into the treat bag that hangs on my hip.

Wrangler the Great Pyrenees puppy at Boulder Beach in Spokane
Stalking you

But then there’s also the impish little ones, like Sophie the Beagle, who snuck up on me while I was concentrating on one of her brothers and stole the treat bag right off my belt.

beagle mix eating my treat pouch for spokane dog photos
Sophie and my treat bag

She helped herself to all the treats inside and then proceeded to eat the treat bag.

Sophie, sadly, has since crossed over to the other world to wait for her mum.

So much personality

I love that wide-angle dog photos get me so close to a dog that I can drop my camera for snuggles and kisses in between clicks of my shutter release button.

It really helps me to get to know my subject, connect with him and understand the personality I’m trying to translate into pixels and memories.

yellow lab tries to grab treats for wide-angle dog photos
I’m gonna jump!

All around the circle

This week’s worldwide pet photographers blog circle focused on treats.

While I’m loath to give away my secrets on getting this create wide-angle dog photos, I’m pretty sure it’s not a well-kept secret and we’re about to launch on a journey about how my photographer friends use treats during their sessions.

Start with Pet Love Photography, photographing Greater Cincinnati area pets for “Tails of Cincinnati,” a coffee table book for charity.

At the end of Susannah’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

When you find yourself back here, you know you’re home.

Right where you belong.

And when you’re ready to book a session and see all of your pup’s personality in wide-angle dog photos, click this little button:

11 thoughts on “How to get attention for those wide-angle dog photos”

  1. I love it (and am going to borrow it); A.C.T. :). I just keep a bag of them in my car so I’m never without them and there’s a high likelihood that if I reach into the pocket of ANY one of my coats, I’ll find a few treats. And a poop bag. I’m rarely without a poop bag LOL

  2. Great tips. Our local photography store had a sale on disposable ‘wet wipe’ style lens wipes. I picked up a bunch and slipped them into my camera case for exactly the reason you mentioned. The only pups that I’m taking pictures of are my own, I’m not a professional photographer or anything, but my dogs have a knack for creating nose art on the lens lol

  3. A lovely article. I don’t have a wide angle lens yet but I am SO enjoying my telephoto lens (purchased with my Cat Writers Association award winnings!) A pet photographer’s journey is amazing, inspiring and a lot of fun too and the lens is so effective getting doggy personality! Thank you.

    PS That face as Sevro sat still for a nano second made me laugh out loud. Oh yes there are treats there and the pup knows it!! The personification of alert.

  4. I love all these cutie pies up close. And your motto? Genius! Always. Carry. Treats. LOL It’s not easy to get pets to stay still for their closeup! Well done.

  5. Absolutely LOVE this one – I adore the wide-angle dog photos! Your tips have been helpful – I have to get better at it with my fast, impatient, speedy pup. But I found your tip of treats to be incredibly helpful – the stinkier, the better!

  6. I’m a recent Nikon convert, I have the D500 too. I’m so happy with it, but still a bit awkward with Nikon and forget where things are. lol

    Your wide-angle shots are beautiful and that location of the first portrait – Wow!

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