Just the girls

mom with her toddler and dog

I first met Daun and Aurora through a group of photographers and models here in Spokane.

We all get together every once in a while, flex our portrait muscles and share our creative joo-joo. It keeps me agile, because more times than not, the models don’t come with dogs.

That dog photography thing comes easily to me, I like to think. Especially since I’m more focused on the dog and making the dog happy.

So when it comes to engaging with humans, just humans, there’s a big challenge in getting them to hold their hands right or keep them from worrying if I have their good angle.

(Dogs don’t have bad angles.)

Daun and her daughter, Aurora, let me have a Mommy & Me session with him at the Saltese Uplands Conversation Area.

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In between poses, Daun and I got to talking.

Lo and behold! She has a dog!

Silly, you should have brought her!

Ah, so we set another date. And I got to meet Dixie.

Meet Dixie

Dixie is a border collie puppy, full of energy and named for Daun’s hometown in Idaho.

We didn’t schedule our date very well, realizing golden hour — the photographer’s Mecca of light — was coming sooner and sooner in the day.

We met at one of my favorite locations, Post Falls Park, and tried to find a few quiet spots amid the fishers and the sunset strollers.

We managed to get a few great shots and I made Daun promise we would do it again … but soon in the snow!

When we chatted on the old Instagram, Daun said, “I fall in love with these photos every time I look at them!”

mom with her toddler and dog

mom with her toddler and dog

mom with her toddler and dogOh, Dixie, what adventures are in store for you as you and Aurora grow up together!

Because there’s really quite nothing like the love between a girl and her dog.

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