Just the girls

mom with her toddler and dog

I first met Daun and Aurora through a group of photographers and models here in Spokane.

We all get together every once in a while, flex our portrait muscles and share our creative joo-joo. It keeps me agile, because more times than not, the models don’t come with dogs.

That dog photography thing comes easily to me, I like to think. Especially since I’m more focused on the dog and making the dog happy.

So when it comes to engaging with humans, just humans, there’s a big challenge in getting them to hold their hands right or keep them from worrying if I have their good angle.

(Dogs don’t have bad angles.)

Daun and her daughter, Aurora, let me have a Mommy & Me session with him at the Saltese Uplands Conversation Area.

In between poses, Daun and I got to talking.

Lo and behold! She has a dog!

Silly, you should have brought her!

Ah, so we set another date. And I got to meet Dixie.

Meet Dixie

Dixie is a border collie puppy, full of energy and named for Daun’s hometown in Idaho.

We didn’t schedule our date very well, realizing golden hour — the photographer’s Mecca of light — was coming sooner and sooner in the day.

We met at one of my favorite locations, Post Falls Park, and tried to find a few quiet spots amid the fishers and the sunset strollers.

We managed to get a few great shots and I made Daun promise we would do it again … but soon in the snow!

When we chatted on the old Instagram, Daun said, “I fall in love with these photos every time I look at them!”

Oh, Dixie, what adventures are in store for you as you and Aurora grow up together!

Because there’s really quite nothing like the love between a girl and her dog.

(P.S. Daun blogs about single motherhood over at Hot Mess of Motherhood. You have to go there just because of the name.)

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