Meet Maverick the Corgi

North Idaho dog photography

Adorable isn’t just a word.

It’s a dog.

This dog. Maverick the Corgi, the newest addition to Terry’s life in North Idaho.

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The head tilt

See? He even has the head tilt perfected!

Maverick, with Terry since he turned eight weeks old, just celebrated his first birthday on April 25. We took him out for a little hike on Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene recently.

Those wee legs were going a mile a minute but Maverick never slowed down. Not once!

Terry fell instantly in love with his new little buddy.

“Maverick has changed my life by being my best buddy,” Terry says. “He’s always willing to go wherever, and he knows when to lay his head on my lap and comfort me. He makes me laugh every day with his silly ways. He is a godsend.”

Sounds like Terry has been bitten by the dog lover bug.

“The best thing about him and most other dogs is the unconditional love,” the new papa says. “He just loves.”

Yup, that’s #doglife.

Maverick’s gallery

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