Meet Sully

When your dear friend from Calgary, Alberta, Canada gets a new puppy, you drop everything, meet her halfway from Spokane, WA, and make sure she gets some awesome portraits.

OK, OK, she’s a few months into having Sully in her life, so we missed out on those goofy, itty bitty Berner shots. Nonetheless, we’ve made sure she has some great pictures of her 10-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Sully is Dana’s third Berner. I’ve been fortunate to know and love each one with Sully preceded by Dekker and Tundra. I also made sure I took a trip up to Calgary in February 2017 for a farewell session with Tundra. He left our world a couple of months after our shoot and he now is a part of my Memory Wall.

I’m excited for my friend, and laughing at the same time as she goes through the same puppy struggles I endured with Bella just four years ago.

Because Sully is a total ham.

bernese dog on camping trip

In the first image up top, I caught him peeking through the bushes near our campsite at Koocanusa Lake in British Columbia. Dana and her family have a spot right on the edge of the lake.

It makes for beautiful scenic shots.

(Mind if I sneak in a landscape picture?)

boat on koocanusa lake british columbia

Fast friends

Of course, Bella had to be there!

It’s a cycle. Dekker knew Shep, Shep knew Tundra, and Tundra knew Bella … so Bella has to be a part of Sully’s life!

They wasted no time getting to know each other, and Sully — being a young intact boy — was very interested in Miss Bella. She had to put him in his place a few times but that isn’t anything any of us was surprised by.

maremma sheepdog and bernese mountain dog

You might notice Sully wearing socks in the above picture. His tender tootsies were taking a beating from the gravel at our campsite. A little Ozonol (magic Canadian salve!) and some cotton protection were just what the doctor ordered.

Sully is already light years ahead of a lot of 10-month-old dogs when it comes to training. He’s a good listener, and he’s about to earn Championship status for his breed at shows in Alberta.

He was an easy model for puppy portraiture.

Of course, I also couldn’t resist getting a couple good shots of my favorite practice model, Bella, a Maremma sheepdog.

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Always good times

Our trip to Koocanusa wrapped up the 2018 Schneider Camping Season.

We made it out only three times this year, once to Chatcolet and once to Priest River, because it was a summer chock full of fun events that I haven’t even told  you about!

Now we look forward to fall, my favorite season of the year for pet portraiture.

Think about it: your dog(s) frolicking in the red, orange and yellow leaves that have fallen to the ground in Spokane and North Idaho. How fun!

Drop me an email at or call me at 208-618-1630 to talk about a session. We’ll design something unique for you and your pet.

In the  meantime, here’s one more landscape shot. The smoke from wildfires all around British Columbia and Montana settled in for one firey sunset.

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