Mirabeau Park: Another dog walk with just one lens

bella in the woods at Mirabeau park in Spokane Valley

This is weird.

I’m sitting at my computer and drawing a blank. That never happens.

So, this week’s post is going to be short on words. It is a play of last week’s Saltese Flats: A Spokane hike with just one lens when I was challenged to create dog portraits with a shallow depth of field.

The worldwide dog photographers blog circle gave us wide-open spaces for this week. Now, that’s my jam — #lifeinwideangle — and normally, I’d be able to write 1,200 words.

Today, though, I’m feeling a bit world-weary and brain drained.

#lifeinwideangle at Mirabeau Park

I give you a quickie then, a few images from a walk at one of our favorite wide-open spaces, Mirabeau park in Spokane Valley.

With just one lens, my 20mm.

#dogsonrocks at Mirabeau Point Park in Spokane Valley


bella on the trail at Mirabeau Park

On the trail

bella in the meadow at Mirabeau Park

In the meadow

OK, I lied.

I took two lenses. I packed my Tamron 10-24 super wide, which is a crop-sensor lens. I can’t go too wide on it with my full-frame camera, since it will vignette badly, but I still got a bit of the effect I was going for.

I just wish I could teach Bella to look at the camera. But that’s just something to deal with when it comes to livestock guardian dogs.

bella on the rocks near Mirabeau Falls in Spokane Valley

More #dogsonrocks

All around the circle

I promise I’ll get my brain back next week. I’m plotting something cool for next week’s topic, favorite color. Mind you, it still has to be safe and socially distant, and I need Mother Nature to cooperate (listen, lady, no more snow; it’s April, OK?).

In the meantime, go see more dogs in wide-open spaces. Let’s head off on a trip around the world to see my friends in the pet photographers blog circle. Start with Kylee Doyle Photography, serving pet parents in the greater Sacramento area.

Click the link at the bottom of her post to get to the next photographer, and so on until you find yourself back here.


Right where you belong.

7 thoughts on “Mirabeau Park: Another dog walk with just one lens”

  1. Great images and fun lenses! I haven’t tried either! What a beautiful location. My favorite is “in the meadow” – love those clouds, and Bella’s paws – she looks so happy!

  2. Love the photo of Bella on the path and the way it leads the eye right to her. Such a great place to be right now.

  3. Ah, she must love her life with you so much Angela. So many adventures no matter what the circumstances. Beautiful x

    1. Thanks, Jo. It’s so difficult not to go out adventuring these days but, for the greater good, we must deal with mopey faces.

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