My bestest model

big white dog on centennial trail in spokane valley

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.

Look how beautiful Bella is!

Bella is my Maremma sheepdog, who just turned four on March 24. Now that the weather is getting better and we can go for long walks at the park, she’s an easy practice model in between Noses & Toes client sessions.

Last week, we went out twice.

Each time, I limited myself to one lens. Just one. As I walked out the door, I could hear my other lenses silently weeping, “but why can’t we come, too?”

I hesitated but stayed true in my resolve.

Here’s our day with just a 35mm locked into the Nikon D500. We were on Centennial Trail in Liberty Lake, jumping on at the Harvard trailhead.

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More from Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail in Spokane Valley is such a great spot, especially for pet photography sessions. It’s close to home for us, gives us a lot of great scenery and water photos are always a lot of fun.

For Day 2 of practice shooting last week, we went to the Mirabeau trailhead. I used only my 10-24mm and I think you can see which is my favorite lens to play with.

Take it away, Bella!

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