Photoshop fun: Bella, one beautiful woodland fairy princess

This one is going to be short and sweet.

Our blog circle project was tasked with a tough subject this week: fairy tale.

I racked my brain, wondering what I could do.

Head to Michael’s for a pink tutu and a fairy wand for Bella? Uh huh, she’s going to loooooooove that.

We’d have to file that under #reasonswhyshehatesme.

Instead, I decided to have a little Photoshop fun.

We went camping at our favorite spot in North Idaho last weekend, and I got the sweetest little image of Bella enduring her weekend outside.

So, I turned her into a woodland fairy princess.

Bella gets subjected to Photoshop fun … again

Isn’t she adorable?

maremma sheepdog turned fairy princess with photoshop fun

Bella’s fairy wings and tiara were downloaded from

All around the circle

I’m thinking a few of the other bloggers in our circle might be having some Photoshop fun.

Let’s start with Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in Northeastern PA and surrounding areas.. Read her post, then click the link at the bottom to get to the next one.

Travel through the circle and when you land back here, you’re home.

Right where you belong.

If you’re ready to book a dog photo session with me, click this handy little button and let’s get started.

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