Pitbull prejudice: Stand Up for Pits

brindle pitbull dog

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I had a pitbull prejudice for a long time. I probably made the mistake of only listening for the bad news about this particular breed of dog.

Then I met this little girl.

[id=”attachment_500″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1030″]multi colored pit bull laying on floor

Her name his Riley.

She owns a human named Jamie, a friend who introduced me to my husband and is ultimately responsible for my being here in Spokane. Riley and Jamie were also among the first to pose for me when I started this venture into pet photography.

Riley is a little snugglebug. And she’s a little bundle of energy, happy to run and jump and play and chase and bounce and … and … and …

Man, I got tired just reading that. Must be why I’m attracted to a relatively lazy breed!

A farmhand for a day

Then I got introduced to the Furry Farm Rescue. Stephanie Devine and her farm hands needed pictures of a littler of pitbull puppies.


How could I say no?

I hopped in the car and hauled my gear out to a farm in Cocolalla, Idaho, where I was surrounded by eight pibbles. Happy to be free of their kennel confines for a bit, they squirmed and squiggled while the farmhands and I laughed our way through the session.

pitbull puppy

I may even have fallen in love with little Copper, the little guy in the middle up there, whom I saw a couple months later at the Northwest Pet Expo and I swear he recognized me. We cuddled as much as we could in between visits to our booths. He was a total star with everyone who stopped at the Furry Farm table.

A more informed opinion

Here I am, a reformed from my pitbull prejudice.

Here I sit, reminded by many that there are no bad dogs. Just bad owners.

Here I go, trying my best to help out the Spokane rescues that believe in pitbulls and try to place dogs in good forever homes.

The Stand Up for Pits Foundation is bringing its night of comedy back to Spokane in a fundraiser for the Furry Farm, Higher Ground Sanctuary, and Murci’s Mission.

The Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to “saving lives and ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull ‘type’ dogs (Pibbles) through live events, funds, education and advocacy.”

The pitbull is often subject to extreme abuse (oh hi, Michael Vick), discriminatory bans (27 cities in Washington State alone), and a terrible reputation.

The people who run the local rescues, including my friend Stephanie, believe pitbull dogs — all dogs — deserve to be protected, respected and treated with compassion and without prejudice.

They are trying to be the voice for the voiceless.

Stand Up for Pits Spokane brings comedian Rebecca Corry to the Spokane Comedy Club this Saturday for a fun night, raising funds and supplies for the three local rescues. Rebecca, the founder and president of Stand Up for Pits Foundation, has also appeared in Big Fat Liar, Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, 2 Broke Girls, and The Bernie Mac Show.

How you can help fight pitbull prejudice

The event will feature a donation drive. Check this list and see what you can spare from your collection or buy new for the drive:

donation list for spokane animal rescue

And buy tickets to the comedy show where there will also be a silent auction.

Which includes — drum roll, please — a 90-minute session with me, Noses & Toes Pet Photography, and a $100 print credit toward art purchased from your gallery. It’s a package worth $299!

Here’s when and where to go, laugh and help the pibbles:

Stand Up for Pits with Rebecca Corry

Where: Spokane Comedy Club

When: Sunday, December 2

4-10 p.m.

Tickets: $40


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