Why print the images from your session

yorkshire terrier portrait

I’m a big believer that you should print the images from your session.

I had a client last summer want to turn one of the images from her family’s dog portrait session into a locket.

It spun me. I wasn’t prepared for that request but I was happy she wanted to enjoy the images from her session. I have wall art — canvas, metal and framed prints — available in my product list, along with a number of desk prints and mementos, like the keepsake box.

But a locket. From which supplier would I source that? And what if I couldn’t find a style she liked?

Easy solution. My client spent almost a thousand dollars on product, including a beautiful 30×20 metal print, from her session at Mirabeau Park and I was happy to offer her the matching digital file. That way, she could find the locket she loved most and order it all herself.

I’m hesitant to sell digitals, although I experimented with a “just the digitals” session last year.

I want my clients to print their images, to have beautiful art of their sessions adorn the walls of their homes.

I want you to see those images — a daily reminder of how much you love their dog &$8212; and smile.

I want you to have beautiful memories when your dog has left this world, a moment that comes far too soon for many of us.

And, of course, I want my clients to be assured the products they receive are of the utmost quality. Not all products arrive perfect and it’s on me to ensure they are when they’re delivered. That’s part of my job, not my client’s. I don’t want them to live through the frustration of replacements and returns.

Why print the images

More often than not, we take our digital images, store them somewhere safely (or not) and forget about them. We might post them on our Facebook or Instagram feed, get a few likes and comments, and then they get lost after tomorrow’s update and the day after and the day after that.

I’d much rather help you print them onto canvas, metal or paper.

They help make your house a home.

They help start conversations with guests.

Last Christmas, our friends came over for dinner and they came to a dead stop in our foyer. They noticed the 40×30 I had printed of Bella in Banff last summer and were amazed. I mean, Bella … in Banff … a most beautiful dog in a most beautiful place.

It’s a moment in time. It’s a precious memory. It’s a day I’ll never forget and one that springs to mind every time I sit in my living room.

Fun with prints

My client contacted me not to long ago to let me know their precious girl was gone. We cried together via Facebook Messenger and she let me know she and her husband won’t soon forget their sweet Sassy.

I was glad to have left them with a great print, a keepsake box and the image for her locket.

The locket is just one way to take the digital from your product purchase and turn it into something to hold close to your heart.

Recently, I went a different way. Yes, I do print the images I take of Bella and yes, I do have a keepsake box that I keep adding more prints to. And yes, I do need to get around to doing one of Shep.

I wanted to have a little fun this time. So I went with socks.


dog mom socks from Printsfield

A representative from Printsfield posted in one of the several dog blogging groups to which I belong on Facebook. He offered a free pair of socks in exchange for some ink.

Thus begins my first product review on my blog.

I took a smiling headshot of Bella and sent it in with my order. Printsfield took care of cutting away the background and voila, I have socks.

Oh, yes. I ordered a pair for the husband, too.

print the images from your dog portrait session on fun products like socks

I love them. They’re fun and they seem to be a good quality. I haven’t had a chance to wear them out and about, what with this whole stay-home thing, but I will. If anyone asks me about them, I’ll be happy to tell them about how I came to be the owner of Dog Mom Socks.

And since you’re here reading about my awesome socks, you get a 20% off discount code. Printsfield has more than just socks. You can get a cool pair of drawers (where I come from, we call them “gitch,” “ginch” or “gonch”), journals and notebooks, laptop sleeves and more.

When you get to the checkout part of your order, just enter “NOSEANDTOES20″ in the discount code box.

[su_button url=”https://printsfield.com/https://printsfield.com/collections/bestselling-customized-socks-for-family” target=”blank” background=”#ff7200″ icon=”icon: paw” id=”Socks”]I WANT THOSE SOCKS[/su_button]
Now don’t forget, if you need a session that includes a digital file perfect for making your socks, check out the Dog Mom’s Day.

[su_button url=”https://nosesandtoes.com/dog-moms-day” target=”blank” background=”#ff7200″ icon=”icon: paw” id=”Socks”]FOR DOG MOMS[/su_button]
Soon we’ll be launching a session dedicated to Dog Dads. Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Why print the images from your session”

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  2. I love the socks!

    Prior to digital photographs, I had all kinds of prints of previous pets. Unfortunately, some of those photos have discolored and faded. I’d love to had a professional photograph of my two Persian cats and have them framed.

  3. I love being in the digital age, but I also love prints. The physical act of touching a photo of loved ones, just makes them feel closer, especially if they have passed away. I have both prints and digital images of my dad, and I always feel more connected to the prints.

  4. Those socks are cute.
    I terrible with printed photos. I just have boxes of them. I did it with my daughter’s dance photos and now with cat’s show pics. I wish I had the pictures I took of Midnight when he was a baby. They got ruined in a flood of my shed. Digital all the way for me. But I love the idea of a locket.

  5. I agree 1,000,000% about printing off a precious quality image. It brings the art into your home, on to your wall, or into your office environment. People miss so much by not printing off an image. I mean how many times have you read about ‘images’ being lost when a phone was stolen, or a storage disc failed, or hearing out how someone’s kiddy or pet photos were accidentally wiped and someone’s entire kittenhood is just GONE.

    Print a photo off already!!! Do it now. Do it yourself for a 6×4 and get an expert for the bigger stuff!!!

  6. Those socks are so cute! I have a pair of socks with my cats’ faces on them and I just love them. It is nice to have a couple of prints of the photos of your pet. Those prints are so precious in the time that your pet goes over the rainbow bridge. You want to remember your pet when they are alive and happy.

  7. When Baby passed away a friend of mine surprised me and printed some of the photos off my facebook page and then had them put into a bracelet so I have like 6 of my favorite pictures there and I love it. Lockets are really awesome also and a good reminder that I should do one with Layla in.

    The socks look comfy and it is a great birthday present for someone, I would for definite do that.

  8. I am a firm believer in printing images to decorate your home. I took a picture of our pups at my mom’s house in Muskoka that turned out incredible – you wouldn’t know that it is just an ‘in the back yard’ photo based on the way it turned out. We had it printed on canvas and hung it in the living room and have had countless compliments on it since the day we got it. I have actually been considering a locket with my girl’s picture someday. She’s 12 now, which is quite old being a larger dog (not that she shows it) and I would LOVE to have that as a keepsake to hold onto for years and years to come.

  9. My husband and I are guilty of getting all our pictures on a CD. The thought is that paper can be ruined but not the CD. Of course that also means they we don’t get to enjoy the pictures everyday like we would if they were printed and framed.

    Great advice. Thanks

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