Puppy photos: A session with a litter of pibbles

pitbull puppy with furry farm rescue

You know what’s great about being a pet photographer?


Puppy breath.

Puppy kisses.

Puppy cuddles.

And taking puppy photos.

Someone needs to bottle up that sweet puppy breath and sell it as a magic elixir.

Giving back to the community

Dogs love us unconditionally.

All we have to do is feed them, walk them and pick up their poop.

The smiles, the nose bumps, the looks of adoration … they all remind me sometimes how much I mean to her.

(OK, look … the honest truth is Bella doesn’t love me all the time. Especially when I’m late with her dinner. She lets me know how much trouble I’m in.)

If Husband would let me, I would have five Bellas in the house but, since she’s a bit of a barker and he works from home, he has me limited to one.

That means I have to help the other dogs in any way I can.

I reached out to a new local rescue, asking one of the organizers if she needed beautiful pictures of the animals to help with their adoption site, their website and their social media accounts.

She loved the idea.

The Furry Farm Rescue is a great not-for-profit that’s just getting off the ground.

Farm Hands with heart

The Farm’s mission is to “reduce abandonment and euthanasia by providing a safe-structured, loving transition to a forever home.”

And the group makes this beautiful promise to the animals:

We will love and protect you, provide an enriching and nurturing foster home, care for all your medical needs, give you the structure and training needed for success, and above all: treat you as our own while you are with us.

How could you not fall in love with these humans?

I did.

Then it got even better. Stephanie said, “We have a litter of puppies that we’re going to be adopting soon. Can you?”

Um, puppy photos? Heck to the yeah!

Mother Merry arrived at the Farm with her belly full of pups. At her foster home in Cocolalla, she’s kept in a different pen from her babies.

She was not happy with the stranger approaching the barking little wees.

She let me know my presence was unwelcome. Mad respect for Momma Bear wanting to protect her babes.

The Furry Farm Hands lovingly picked up each pup and took them over to our staging area in the barn. They held them close as they shivered against the chilly February air and returned them to their safe space as soon as we were done.

The pups showed their range of personalities, from curious to shy, from bouncy and energetic to chill and laid-back.

The Farm is now reviewing applications for their adoptions. If you’re interested, you can apply by clicking here.

Check out their puppy photos:

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