Adventure Day

Let's go exploring

Share your favorite adventure with me and my camera.

The Adventure Day session is designed for the explorer, the nature lover and someone looking to decorate their home with a Pupscape™, a panoramic portrait.

Show me your favorite place to play or pick one of my favorites with an incredible Spokane landscape.

Eastern Washington and North Idaho are blessed with amazing, picturesque landscapes that provide a background to create unique art for your home. Let’s find one and create a gallery beyond compare.

blue heeler cross stands guard on rock

The Pupscape™

a panoramic portrait of you and your dog

hiking with dogs to mount kit carson summit

Picture you and your dog at the top of a mountain, backdropped by the Spokane River, or sitting on the beach of a gorgeous lake. The Pupscape™ panoramic portrait is a celebration of all the things we love: our dogs, our bond and the amazing landscapes around Spokane and North Idaho. I create the Pupscape by getting you into position then

making sure I get all the images I need to create your panoramic portrait in Photoshop. Your session fee includes a 36-inch by 16-inch metal or canvas art piece. I promise your friends will come to your home and stop in their tracks, green with envy at the love you have for your dog and the places you go together.

The details


Mother Nature has the best studio! Where we go is entirely up to you. Do you have a favorite hike or lake in Spokane and North Idaho where you and your pup spend a lot of time? Let's go there! (Additional mileage charge may apply beyond 60-mile radius from Spokane Valley.)


There is no limit to the amount of time for an Adventure Day session. This ensures we'll have lots of time to get to our destination, hike up a few good hills and get all of the images you will need for a gallery to create an album or choose wall art to decorate your home.


When we get home, I'll need a couple of weeks to get your gallery ready. A day's adventure will yield a gallery of about 30 images, in addition to your Pupscape™ portrait.


The Pupscape™ is exclusive to Adventure Day sessions. A 36x16 piece of wall art is includes in your session fee. Upgrades to larger pieces are available.

Picture It!

a Pupscape™ in your home

golden retriever on a dock
service dog at bowl and pitcher in spokane, wa

Angela is truly a 10/10 human (a rating not given to many of the non-furry variety). She captures the emotion of the connection between man and best friend better than most (read:anyone) and has such a fun and committed energy throughout the whole process, not to mention spectacular ideas for poses and locations.


mum to wiley

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