Bella photos: A shiny dog photography challenge

maremma sheepdog in north idaho

Happy new year, everybody!

Welcome to 2019, what I’m hoping is going to be a big year for Noses & Toes Pet Photography in Spokane, Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

One of my favorite things to do (in case it hasn’t been obvious) is to pack up the camera and grab Bella for a practice session. It helps me practice my dog photography skills to make sure I’m at my sharpest for sessions with dog lovers like you.

That, along with a new dog photography challenge I’ve joined on Facebook, is going to keep me busy blogging.

Week 1’s challenge is “shiny.”

I racked my brain.

I put a bunch of pumpkin in Bella’s stainless steel bowl … and thought, “nope, that sucks.”


White dog eats from shiny bowl

Then, because my Christmas decorations are still up, I threw a bunch of shiny balls on her pillow and made her lay down.

(This really belongs in a series called “Why She Hates Me.”)

Maqremma sheepdog with Christmas decorations

Maybe I should hope there will be a dog photography challenge called “outtakes”?

What’s really shiny

OK, so maybe it’s a copout.

But what’s really shiny?

Why, the New Year, of course!

That’s right. It’s a brand new shiny New Year for us to dive into.

That’s to what Bella and I are dedicating our first entry into the challenge.

Welcome to 2019, y’all.

We rang in the New Year at a Hill’s Resort cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho. It’s our annual tradition, spending a few days in seclusion with good friends and nature.

Here are a few more shots from our trip to the woods. This gallery also introduces you to Bella’s buddy, Mollie.

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All around the circle

Did you know dog photography is one of the fastest growing niches all around the world?

As part of my blog challenge, I prompt you to check out the Project 52 blog circle. Head over to Lynda Mowat’s entry for Shiny.

Lynda’s Heartstrings Photography is based in Hamilton, New Zealand (helloooooo … dream vacation!) and she, like me, has a passion for creating lifelong memories of your dog and your family.

If you’d like to book a custom family portrait session in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, hit the orange CONTACT ME button or give me a call at 208-618-1630.

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5 thoughts on “Bella photos: A shiny dog photography challenge”

  1. Bella knows Christmas is over…lol. Lovely images, and your holiday destination looks awesome! Nice ‘shiny’ snow too?. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just click our fingers and swap places for a week? I’d love some snow….?

    1. We’re having a super mild winter so we aren’t getting that much snow. Down here in the Valley, we have nothing and none in the forecast. It makes me really sad but it means I have to plan trips to the mountains. Never a bad thing!

  2. Bella’s expression with the Christmas decorations is priceless – i love it! Beautiful images on your trip to the woods. Both Bella and Molly are gorgeous – how sweet that they are best friends!

    1. Thank you! Bella gets to have lots of friends since we belong to a hiking group. Stay tuned for lots of pics of Maverick and Newt.

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