Spokane landscapes: Find the right place for dog portraits

big white dog at mirabeau park in spokane valley

Some of my best days have happened when I throw my camera bag into Eddie’s trunk, grab Bella, and head out onto the open road in search of gorgeous Spokane landscapes.

We are surrounded by them.

The rolling hills of the Palouse.

The sagebrush-covered desert-like Scablands of Eastern Washington.

The lush forests and lakes of North Idaho.

We have great spots right here in the city, especially for a dog portrait session: Dishman Hills Conservation Area, Saltese Flats, Mirabeau, Riverfront Park.

Parks, parks and more parks!

Scouting Spokane landscapes for your dog portrait session

I’ve been pretty blessed.

I’ve found myself always surrounded by amazing scenery.

I grew up in a small town on the East Coast of Canada, and I remember watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean the morning after my senior prom.

My journalism career took me to Gander, Newfoundland, where I got to see icebergs, whales and four-centuries-old fishing villages.

I moved out west to British Columbia and then Alberta, where I was introduced to the Rocky Mountains, prairies and mining ghost towns.

And now in Eastern Washington to live out my life with my beloved two-legged beast. The Spokane landscapes I can find here are simply incredible.

I love nothing more than to find the right spot for your dog portrait session. Somewhere that says “YES! That’s where we live” and “that’s who we are!” as Inland Northwesterners.

I watch for great backgrounds where I can place you and your dog.

I spy trees and flower beds (hellooooooooo, Manito), even though your pup remains the sweetest, most beautiful bloom.

portrait of yellow lab in spokane landscapes

Alucard at Manito Park

I log in my brain beaches and riverside spots where we can have some fun in the water.

maremma sheepdog at mirabeau park in spokane valley

Bella at Mirabeau Point trailhead

And I love those places with the amazing landmarks of the City of Spokane.

maremma sheepdog at spokane's riverfront park

Bella at Riverfront Park

Let’s not forget Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene.

blue heeler cross at tubbs hill in coeur d'alene

Newt at Tubbs Hill

Or Buttonhook Bay at Farragut State Park in North Idaho.

corgi at farragut park in north idaho

Maverick at Farragut State Park

You can always find my favorite locations by clicking the Approved by Bella hashtag, #bellaapproved, in the tag column of this blog’s sidebar. However, if you have a spot in my mind, I always want to hear about it.

In fact, Bella and I are heading out next week to look at a totally new to us location. Stay tuned!

Weddings, rustic farms and Spokane landscapes

I did my first wedding last week.

Did you just gasp? I know, right? I belong to a community on Facebook that caters toward legal issues for photographers. Every day, at least four or five new topics are started by photographers with nightmare issues from weddings.

I refused to be daunted.

love a challenge.

Plus, I knew the bride from a previous assignment and I expected it would be a pretty chill affair.

Then she clinched the deal: The wedding would be held at a 100-year-old farm on Green Bluff.

I couldn’t say no.

We walked the Ken Walker property a few weeks ahead of time. There was a wide-open field with a view of Mount Spokane, and this busted-up old truck sitting in another field.

spokane landscapes

My mind start soaring with ideas, and the bride and I started planning our shot list.

Without giving away too much, since the bride and groom haven’t yet seen their whole gallery, here’s a couple of sneak peeks.

rustic farm wedding at green bluff

first look at rustic farm wedding in spokane

Of course, there was a dog

When I announced on Facebook I was booked for a wedding, my friends freaked out.

Is it a dog wedding?


Will there at least be a dog?

I’m not sure. I’m told there is a dog on the property but I wasn’t sure he’d be out and about.

My friend Karen, who runs the MSCA National Maremma Sheepdog Rescue Network and whom you met a few blog posts ago, asserted:

“One will find you.”

He did. I didn’t catch his name, so I just called him “Buddy” all night.

Here’s Buddy.

old farm dog at green bluff in spokane

All around the circle

Don’t we have some fantastic Spokane landscapes and elsewhere around Eastern Washington and North Idaho?

Blessed! Blessed we are.

Now we get to see some more landscapes from the other bloggers in the dog photographry circle.

Let’s start with Floppy Ears Photography by Lyndall Hord, the home of cheeky and cheerful Sydney, Australia, pet photography. Read her post, then click the link at the bottom to get to the next one.

Travel through the circle. When you land back here, you’re home.

Right where you belong.

If you’re ready to book a dog portrait session at one of these amazing locations, click this handy little button and let’s get started.

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  3. Love your pics – especially the wedding! you’ve really lived in beautiful places. I am truly in love with Newfoundland – now it seems I must visit Eastern Washington area too!

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