Spokane River: Photo fun with two senior Lab dogs

two senior labs swimming in Spokane River

It’s been a long three months of not working.

So when a Dog Mom rings me up and says, “Let’s hit the Spokane River with my Labrador retrievers,” my only response is “WHEN.”

It happened this week and we got to go to one of my favorite places to do a session: the Islands Trailhead at Plantes Ferry in Spokane Valley.

We walked down the Centennial Trail to the little beach and bridge near the Antoine Plante obelisk and just let the dogs, Jake and Deacon, have fun.

They were so in their element!

Spokane River is running high

It’s the time of year where the Spokane River is swollen with spring runoff. The current is swift in some areas but this little beach has some nice shallow areas.

And these two guys are strong swimmers!

Here’s Jake, a 9-year-old yellow Lab, getting ready to jump:

yellow Labrador retriever in Spokane Valley

I’m ready

And bringing his frisbee back:

senior Lab playing in Spokane River

Here I come

Now here’s his older brother, Deacon, 10, waiting for the throw:

black Lab in Spokane Valley

Throw it!

Spring wildflowers are abloom

That same field of blue flax I showed you last week? Oh, it’s now full of yellow patches of salsify and (what I think is) winter cress.

Once we got Jake and Deacon all pooped out, we brought them down to the field for some prettier dog photos:

senior Lab dogs in wildflowers at Plantes Ferry

Yellow and green everywhere

All around the circle

Yup, I am short on words this week. It’s time to be outside, having fun and breathing in fresh air.

(OK, in truth, I’m still stuck inside, building client websites in my other side gig.)

I was so happy this session came about just in time for this week’s blog circle topic, water.

(OK, in truth, I got to pick the topic this week and I knew this session was coming up.)

Of course, I have lots of pictures of Bella in the water. She loves smelling the Spokane River!

bella at coyote rocks in spokane valley

At Coyote Rocks

Let’s go see what the other pet photographers are doing with water. Start with Pawparazzi Pet and Animal Photography presented by Shae Pepper Photography.

Click the link at the bottom of Shae’s post to get to the next post and so on. When you get back here to dogs and landscapes in Spokane, you know you’re home.

Right where you belong.

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