Stateline: Dog park right on the Spokane River

bella at stateline dog park

We’ve been going to Stateline Dog Park for as long as I can remember.

It isn’t too far from our base in Spokane Valley, it’s an off-leash park, and Bella gets to make new friends. We even—very occasionally—run into other Big White Dogs, like Great Pyrenees.

Stateline is a popular place for dog lovers from Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake and even Post Falls, Idaho.

dogs greet each other at stateline dog park

A meet and greet at Stateline Dog Park

All about Stateline Dog Park

OK, so its official name isn’t Stateline Dog Park. Maybe that’s just what we call it.

Its official name is the Patricia Simonet Laughing Dog Park. Patricia, who died in 2010, was a well-known animal behaviorist at the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, a.k.a. SCRAPS.

Through her research into dogs’ vocalizations, she determined that our canine friends laugh. Hence, the Laughing Dog Park.

Patricia was instrumental in developing the fenced 3.5 acres that lies on the border of Washington and Idaho states.

A place to run, jump, play

Opened in 2005, the Laughing Dog Park was the first of its kind in our area. We learned of it some time in 2011 after researching places for Shep to run free when we visited from Calgary.

There’s no signage directing random travelers to the park. You have to take Exit 299 off the freeway and drive toward the Spokane River. Hang a left when you get to the hook (a left which can require some patience during heavier traffic times) and head past the dirt parking lot for Centennial Trail. Another left at the end of the road gets you to the parking spot near a building which once housed a local tourism office and now sits empty.

There’s a big play area where folks make good use of their Chuckits. It’s right next to the entrance, so it also serves as a giant greeting area for every new dog that comes to the park.

play area at stateline dog park

The play area at Stateline Dog Park

We’re big fans of walking in the wooded area. We like to imagine it lets Bella think she’s freely off-leash to run anywhere she wants in this great big world.

SCRAPS volunteers maintain the park, emptying the poop bins, picking up poop distracted dog owners don’t bother to scoop, keeping the grass cut, and fixing whatever needs fixing.

Folks who frequent the park contribute by bringing their used grocery bags for others to scoop their poop. Many also bring jugs of water to fill bowls for thirsty pups.

It’s a great way to see that the idea of “community” still exists.

yellow lab at spokane park

A yellow Lab enjoys his stroll around the park.

Right next to the Spokane River

The one feature of Stateline Dog Park that I love the most is its proximity to water.

bella at spokane river in liberty lake

Bella near the Spokane River

From the parking lot to access Centennial Trail, you can also find some unpaved trails with outlets onto rocky Spokane River beaches.

This can be vital in the heat of summer when you have a dog who never seems to drink enough water.

Bella is always eager to get into the river and start gulping down gallons of the stuff. I can often be heard saying, “Bella, leave some for the rest of the world!”

maremma sheepdog in spokane river

Bella in the Spokane River

And now that we’re coming into the fall season, the whole area is a great place for dog photos. The grass is bleached bright yellow by the summer sun and the leaves are going to start turning their colors any day now.

Interested in a fall session for family portraits with your dog? Reach out and let’s get you booked.

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All around the circle

Bella loves being in the water. I have no shortage of images of her in the Spokane River, various lakes, and even the Pacific Ocean.

The theme for our worldwide pet photographers’ blog circle this week is water and it gives me a great opportunity to spotlight Stateline Dog Park.

Now we get to see how other dog photographers got some great water images. Let’s start with Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography, serving the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Read her post, then click the link at the bottom to get to the next one.

Travel through the circle and when you land back here, you’re home.

Right where you belong.

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  1. What a great park and such a lovely picture of Bella in the water with a bit of blue water and blue sky framing her and the leading lines of the shore. Lovely image.

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