Taking Spokane dog photography to another level

bella the maremma sheepdog at mirabeau point park


And happy Halloween.

The snow from our usual late-October storm should be melted by today and we’re back to regular double-digit degrees (Celsius, of course … that’s mid- to high-50s for my American friends).

The weather threw Spokane dog photography into a tizzy last weekend and I’ve had a couple of sessions rescheduled a few times.

There’s one crazy girl that will always go out in the cold with me, though – this beautiful girl that shines light into my heart every waking minute of the day.

top model at spokane dog photography

Boo! Scary stuff coming up

Change is scary.

Our blog circle this week is focused on the topic Boo! this week and we all encouraged each other to get images of dogs in costume. With the weather, that didn’t exactly work out, although we did join our friends at the Furry Farm Rescue for a pack walk on Rathdrum Mountain in Idaho.

puppy waiting for his walk at Rathdrum Mountain

So I’m switching gears and telling you about some scary stuff coming up.

Oh, don’t go getting scared with me. It’s fun scary.

1. Noses & Toes Pet Photography will be no more

It’s time for a new adventure.

Three years ago, when I launched Noses & Toes Pet Photography, I thought it was easy to remember and would attract dog lovers.

I do love dogs’ noses. And I can never resist the chance to kiss Bella’s feet, since they carry the weight of her world and often mine.

Over time, though, I’ve realized it just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s too cute and, as a forever tomboy, “cute” just isn’t me.

Several people have struggle with the name, too. It’s been called “noses and toeses,” “toeses and noses,” “toes and nose,” and a few others.

That doesn’t mean the Spokane dog photography community will be one shutterbug short.

I’m rebranding. I’ve picked a new business name that’s closer to my heart, I’ve hired my very good friend Mandy Frei to design my logo and help with my branding, and I’m already working on the new website.

It’s all going to be very reflective of the kind of dog photography I want to create for my clients and share with the world and hopefully, it will still be easy to remember.

We’re going down an adventurous road, that’s for sure, and I can’t wait for the unveiling in January.

north idaho pitbull in a sweater

2. A writer needs to write

I’ve had this in the back of my head for years. You know that niggling worm that crawls around and never seems to go away?

Yeah, I’m pulling blog posts, journal entries and memories together and I’m six chapters in to writing my book.

It’s scary but I’ve always believed that once I say something out loud, it becomes real. And I have said it out loud a few times, like to people of whom I’ve asked permission to include, but it didn’t become really real until I was interviewed for a podcast episode with my friend Marika Moffitt of The Seattle Pet Collective.

She pulled it out of me as we talked about hiking in Spokane and our love of all things dog and photography.

I got Marika to look at the first three chapters – because like me she’s also a voracious reader – and she loved it.

That was the kind of encouragement I needed to really get going on the rest. It’s a struggle to find the time to write but it’s going to go to the top of the priority list after the rebrand is launched.

The growth of Spokane dog photography

As we careen toward 2021 (could this year slow down for just one week, please?), the amount of competition in Spokane dog photography is ever increasing.

With exciting things coming here, I make the promise to you that one thing will never change: my intention to always lead with my heart.

Spokane dog photography isn’t just a side gig for me. It isn’t just something to do as a bored housewife. It isn’t a small piece of a larger photography business.

It’s my purpose, a path on which I would not be without Shep and Bella to lead me here.

Earlier in life, my purpose was sports journalism. I thought it was the best job in the world (at the time, it really was). Dog photography, though, has taken “best job in the world” to a whole new level – and saved me from a soul-sucking life in marketing and communications.

I want all the dog lovers I meet to have great images of them and their dogs together, that Magic Moment, and stellar portraits of their dogs doing dog things.

That Magic Moment

With my purpose and my promise to lead with my heart, I add the promise for you to have fun, memorable sessions that will keep you smiling long after we part, that will turn into fabulous art and keepsakes for your home.

All around the circle

Change is afoot and I hope you’ll come along for this ride on the Spokane dog photography train.

First, though, let’s head out on a journey around the pet photographers’ blog circle.

Start with Pet Love Photography, photographing Cincinnati area pets for “Tails of Cincinnati,” a book project for charity.

When you finish Susannah’s post, click the next link and continue on through the circle. When you get back here to scary stuff, you know you’re home.

Right where you belong.

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  1. The first WOW – the image of Bella on the rock w/ the snow. The second WOW – rebranding…big project, so best of luck! The third WOW – a book! I can’t wait to say “I knew her when”…. 😉 I know you’ll be a great success so you don’t need my wishes, but I’m sending them along anyway!

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